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Episode 148: Miranda, pt. 5

Thursday, February 20 2020

Its episode 148 on the "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" show and we quirky guest who recites the shows introduction, its Miranda. Wow, I hope there is not a repeat of the last episode she was the guest and both and an emotional tear jerker. Oh! i wasnt aware of the Miranda's cancer, and she beat it. Way to go, Miranda! The first caller wants David to date his male friend. Then we get Questions and Answers round, including some awkward ones. Some caller wants to ask about David's ex's big boobs and gets sex-ass eating advice from Miranda. Tony gets some time also and his killer laugh. This is MarU from India rating this episode a 2 out of 5. Some things were better but it lacked the spark from either of them and should have a better guests and it would rate higher than a 2

Episode 147: Vahé Hove, pt. 2

Thursday, February 13 2020

David start the conversation with congratulation him about his job.He also praised about David's work.They both discuss about the friends,work contacts,comedy contacts.He asked about job to the David.He replied privacy is important for me.Then they both discussed about comedy and podcast.He praised as your podcasting is very interesting.They had fun about how people listening to David's podcast.He told sometimes i watched in YouTube.Both of them talked about mirwire,classic and all.David shared about he likes game show and baby show. Every week they issued free movie tickets which was liked by people very much.It made people very interesting to register for that.He told about David hosting so many shows it seems.They discussed about movie,camera man and all.Later David shared a mobile number.He told David about his wife is not comprised on valentine's day and David told about the DNA test did.He showed his mom to the guest.Later the conversation goes about dad and suddenly they both talked to the caller and had fun together about southern Africa and all.The caller ended the talk with global warming and all are laughing together.The guest shared about the stage,stand up comedy show experience.They discussed about having kids and shared it as disgusting because women faced physical pain to have child.They talked both media come love is extremely biased,national media is fake and local media is unfake and all.Lastly they talked to the lady caller and discussed about valentine's day.Overall the conversation is not bad and ended with saying valentine love. David told the guest as i got a message that u got a new job.So congratulations for that.He asked about his podcasting and appreciate his work.David asked him as you have a friend,worker,lover and all.He told i don't feel comfortable about talking of worker contacts.He appreciate about his cleverness in his comedy.They talked about doing podcast is fun .He asked tomorrow's podcast is about valentine's day.Both of them discussed people like to listen podcast and he replied sometimes i watched in you tube.The guest told he like work conference and david told it is not luxury line.David discuss about his interesting shows and the guest told people have interest to register for free tickets.The conversation is going about media person,podcast and his morning show.They shared about their starting experience,people comments and money.The guest talked about his girl friend and david told about his wife and discussed about valentine.He told as people think as i drunk more and he asked how did you find that.He asked david as you see lot of people,somebody is surprised.Later the conversation goes about podcast,media,logo and all.He told some people want to hear jokes and funny.David told he liked jokes very much and he is enjoying.He told about his joke performance in stage.In between they talked to the caller and had fun.They discussed about women's pain while having baby,so they don't like it.David spoke about the coupon to the caller.Overall the conversation is good and interesting to hear.Bajjit from india 6 star.

Episode 146: T. J. & Dan Linley

Thursday, February 6 2020

Episode 146 of the show called as "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper", and there is double toned guest list of T. J. & Dan Linley. Dan is an old timer and has been on the show earlier. Its a first time for T.J. We kick off the show with a AquaFina topic going nowhere. The first caller is Fizal and is high on pain killers on a broken leg. I don'T think he likes any jews. Dan is real good cracking jokes without any effort. We then get into a name guessing game. He and David make a good team. The return of Tony continues and he is back with his laugh and profanities. Mae is good fun and T.J. starts to get into his groove soon, taking offence of some of Mae's choice of words. Hoping to hear more of his. Next is Miranda, and she gets into a fight with Dan. Wow, what an episode! This is MarU from India rating this a 3 out of 5, it was fun and one of better recent episodes. Finally a good episode after a long time.

Episode 145: Alyssa Westerlund, pt. 2

Thursday, January 30 2020

Its 145th episode of the "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and the guest tonight is a repeat offender, Alyssa Westerlund. The earlier one was very bad, with her fighting with a passerby, lets hope for a better one this time. The show kicks off with some random rambling without any cause and reason. Finally after 25 minutes we get a caller, a couple from Canada, who are having some fun on the radio. They seem high and are having a good time. They stay on for a long telling stories and they seem fun to hear. The next caller is Tony, finally after a long long time. And he is back with his typical laugh and he talks quite good and is enjoying life. We get a long talk on Free Masons, US presidents and more. I would suggest my friends to hear this show if they felt like very bore, but I don't like this show. This is Maru from India rating this episode a 2.5 out of 5, 1 of out which is for the return of Tony and his killer laughter. Welcome back Tony, we missed you!

Episode 144: Terese Taylor

Thursday, January 23 2020

David cooper is the host of this episode, in the introduction he talk very unnecessary things like I don't care about anyone and talk about coffee, i think that this was unnecessary. Next, he introduce the guest Teresa Taylor, both of them talk about buffalo, this is also non-nonsensical. Their conversation is apart from the topic of the show, so this was a irritating show. Mostly, David cooper said yeah! yeah! in the show when the guest Teresa Taylor talk, that was gives more irritating. And all through the show, they talk about family, personal things and very unnecessary things. The caller Sara is talk like very exciting but she also makes very boring because David cooper tried to make a fun also with the caller Sara, that was totally irritating. I think that this show was totally waste of time, i feel that this show is unprepared show because terese taylor tried to converse something else, that was not a meaningful conversation. Until the end of conversation, they never talk about the topic of this show, that was very non-nonsensical and that was gives a feel like this is unnecessary show. Overall, I don't like this whole podcast, the first caller rates this podcast with 4 star but I rate this podcast with 1 star, I don't like this whole podcast. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 143: Marty Cunnie, pt. 2

Thursday, January 9 2020

What? .pizza domain name costs more than .com? I liked the caller Sal from Bangladesh (as did everybody else). Wish he call in future episodes as well. The guest Marty Cunnie may have felt undervalued because the caller(s) took so much time. We can have a nice convo duel if Sal comes next time with his girlfriend. From here David and Miranda, from there Sal and Sandra (or whatever his girlfriend's name was, but it definitely wasn't a Hindu name although he said she was Hindu). I wonder why Miranda isn't calling in between the episodes nowadays like she used to do earlier. The first couple caller was all about laughing, especially the lady. She was easy to get humored, given that even David made her laugh so much. Also, learned that the restaurant doesn't really sell the cafilter fish David talks about in intro. Why lie?! Sandeep from India rates this episode 2.5 stars out of 5. There is 0.5 point improvement from last rating because I got to hear some non sexual jokes from David. Even if they were bad, at least it's a start.

Episode 142: Annie, pt. 2

Thursday, January 2 2020

The host David cooper was ok but I don't know why he converse very boring with guest which means apart from the topic. the guest Annie go with this show very dull, i think that the guest was interesting in this show, her voice was so dull. I think, that this show went well but in some place it shows very unnecessary conversation with caller and also guest. And mainly this shows going with just like yeah and ok, simply bad. In my point of view, i think that this show was very unprepared show because they don't know how go talk in the show and how we go with show and all other that they don't know about the topic, this was very bad thing. David tried to fun with the female caller and also he didn't give respect much more to her. But both of host David cooper and guest Annie make fun and enjoy with female caller. they talk about Miranda and also they feel about Miranda and peter's ex girlfriend story was very sad. anniee talk about family and sad weird story about affaire. finally, the female caller rate for this show is 3, in my point of view, i rate with 2, i think this was not enough. Arjun from India.

Episode 141: Pete Lee

Thursday, December 26 2019

Boring episode, probably because of somewhat boring callers. "Future ex-wife", nice phrase used by David, heard it first time. Another nice phrase was by a caller calling for having a "2020 vision" for next year. Nothing much to remember from the episode. Oh, and David Cooper officially called this show a PODCAST! He specifically said it is a podcast, not a radio show. Then why in the hell does his website keep reminding us in the face that it's NOT a podcast? Explain this contradiction!! I like the callers though. They seem to be simple, down to earth people. We internet people tend to forget all these things in our hypocritical social circle. This show happening in a physical coffee shop, letting people call from outside phone booth, broadcasting on radio, and letting people do phone calls.. all these things seem to bring a sense of old tradition, and with it the groundedness. Although David himself, like me, is pretty hypocritical, but it seems he craves honesty, groundedness, interacting with down to earth people. And that's why he made this show this way. Sandeep from India rates this episode 2 out of 5 stars. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 140: Tracy Nguyen, pt. 6

Thursday, December 19 2019

God, this David Copper guy sounds like he is eating a shoe while dancing lambada. How did this guy think he could have a podcast? I don't know if he sounds worse when his pitch is going up and down, all uncontrolled, like a bunch of cool cats playing jazz, or when he tries to sound like professional radio and the attempt is just laughable. His co-host, Tracy, is not any better, repeating exact lines the same as he said them for no reason but waste the listener's time. The notion that some podcasters have - and a lot of the media, sadly - that everyone's opinion on politics is relevant is one of the greatest plagues on our culture. I literally have no idea who would want or care to hear about what some random thinks about politics. They should stick to their jokes - I mean, after learning to actually make them funny. Between the completely meaningless political commentary, and the awful jokes, I think the rest went well. Except of course there was nothing else besides that, and the show is unbearable. If this show had 2 minutes, it might be bearable albeit useless. To listen to this for two hours should be enough to be paid a nice amount of money, and even then it would be torture. This gets a zero from Takashi from Hawaii. Infinitely prefer Dr. Pepper to David Cooper. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 139: Natasha Vinik

Thursday, December 5 2019

This is a podcast what tells stupidity in a funny way.It is weird but entertaining .David cooper is a guy who seems to be mad and funny at the same time.This episode had a funny guest who is a comedian and a philanthropist as told by David cooper.She was very lively and talkative who kept the show competent and people may not get bored.But i can say stupidity is promoted a lot. David welcomes her and she is delighted.He asks her about her boyfriend .she says he is Ryan and he is funny too.They fall in love in six days or so.Then they says about their mood swings .they discusses about their psychiatric treatments and drug doses too.weird .Then a caller comes who is thirty nine who was having fun at home.Then again calls come and go the phone dies and that didn't go well with David cooper i think and he was stressed.Another caller talks about insta and photos.Another caller does not speak and so on.Natasha laughs aloud and David says he has own great.They starts to speak sex and callers too.What a culture less show,but it is funny too.So Katy from Bahrain rates this show with 3 stars. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

Episode 138: Sequoia

Thursday, November 21 2019

The podcast or as they call it a radio show on their website is called "This is going well I think with David Cooper". Funny thing happened, at some point the host and his guest Sequoia talk about weird domain names and that's when I realised that I too was one of those fools who didn't believe that the website was real. I have been through many episodes up until now. I always thought it was a running joke of the show. I checked the site out for real this time, well what do you know it exists. I think David needs to announce that it is real website. Here I was thinking that David is a bit anti-semitic or thinks that jew are too fat. Sorry David! This episode was refreshing, especially because of the guest. The show started with David's usual intro. I know he's done it 138 times but damn that intro sounds like it is pre-recorded. I wonder if he practices it in front of the mirror before sleeping. The guest was also a radio show host. It felt so weird. At some points you wonder who really is the host of the running show. Sequoia definitely gave Cooper a run for his money. Sequoia has been doing it for a longer time and it shows. I hope Sequoia gave some pointers to David and that he uses it to better this atrocity. Chris from India gives this show 5 stars.

Episode 137: Rachel Pinson & Ernest Evangelista

Thursday, November 7 2019

This is show hosted by David cooper and nobody listen to this show.Always David cooper says that no one listen to this show because this show is mess.Now we have guest Rachel Pinson and Ernest Evangelista .David talking about dead body so weird.They both guest is comedian and you too david cooper.Now David talking about their privacy of sex life and says f*ck you ,Oh my god always he says this words.There is first caller and talking about steps looks like stupid things what they talking about.David and justin talking about masturbating,making a lot fun about masturbating ,he says 6 or 7 times a day and says masturbating in streets is best.Whatever this shows s*cks. David cooper talking about mom and dad having sex , i don't know what kind of show and why this cooper talks so stupid.Again we have second caller and talking about rainbow gathering,Ernest says she is interesting caller.Now they talking about pennis and buxpaum.Rachel laughs so loudly and interacting mostly with cooper.Cooper says my dad embarrassing me front of friends.Anyways this radio shows is crap and nothing important to listen this crap shows.This show is very bad and nothing interesting to listen. Arjun from indian reviewing with 0 star.