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Episode 98: Kevin Whittinghill

Thursday, December 6 2018

From the above audio file i hear David cooper speech. He broadcasting in community radio station episode 98 with comedian quest Kevin Whitenhial both of as speak about talk show and the guest are Priyanka Wali and Dan Lindley plan to telecast in proper TV show on youtube .David cooper and comedian Kevin speak about the each quest life style and Kevin speak about her gay brother and a glasses buy from online they asked some question about glasses to the speaker 1 he's from vape store. he bought cucumber is a nicotine vape not marijuana. Three of them speak more funny cooper asked to send a comedy script to my email. Cooper speak about her girlfriend he speak 15 min phone call at night. on the brief conversation David cover had a call from Kristen sex woman idiot. Kevin ask about Banya sweet micro penis. they are asking some silly question to kristian and few conversation about all sex. Four of them are speak about about their sex experiences.she is working in advertising San Francisco and pea-A production assistan, And the one more caller Tony he is from UK England. David ask about a swing club. to Caller Kevin asked one interesting question "A finger is a toe or toes the finger" .they speak about UK England london, telecast details.and titanic museum. No 1 is Las Vegas, New York, They speak about Beijing china screaming guy and he went off. David and Kevin speak about sex video, they started conversation and speech over 5 to 10 min . at the mid of the show Kristin send a voicemail about negative David play on live streaming David tell their is a "music marathon" on 25th and 26th. and David speak about the dollars he buy concentrated liquid. Finally show comes at the end kevin gives number to David and they went off.My name is Abdul from Anousheh from from islamabad and i rate 4 of 5 stars.

Episode 97: Dan Linley, pt. 7

Thursday, November 29 2018

Episode 97 of "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper", and David Cooper is back in form. Easily one of recent better episodes. Today's guest on Thanksgiving is Dan Linley. We get the first joke with "Oral Herpes". The first caller is Sarah from a band. They go one to have a long conversation. The next caller is Donald, a doctor. And also Miranda calls up. The next caller is Vic, whose girlfriend left him car. The next couple is quite boring. The show drags on till Tony arrives and all hell breaks loose. We get all the cusses and profanities (boobs, Tits, Vaginas) which were missing in the past few episodes. Tony met David in Ireland on his recent trip. The discussion between Dan and Tony is hilarious. I enjoyed this episode, a nice way to end the week. This is Karti from India rating it a three out of five.

Episode 96: Ben (Isle of Man Special)

Thursday, November 22 2018

Episode Ninety Six of the show called as "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper". The location has been changed to Isle of Man for todays show. Today's guest on the show is Ben Savoury, who according to the host wondering why is he here. The show starts on a boring note, we come to know that Ben was earlier in broadcasting. Fifteen minutes into the show i am bored out of mind, hearing cat stories is making me kill me. The guest has very soft voice and that helped me sleep. Till we get a caller, its Miranda, one of my favorites. Finally we get some traction in the show. Then Miranda goes on bore us with questions for Ben. The shows gets going when Tony comes on the record. Frankly the show is going downhill with every episode. This is Karti from India rating this particular episode a 2 out of 5. I still have hope it will pickup.

Episode 95: Annie

Thursday, November 15 2018

The 95th episode opens well with the guest introducing her as powerful comedian and the original age was revealed and there is some fussy things happen between guest and host David and the first caller enters the show. The guest is open to new experience and the conversation runs around age and enters into the co artist of the guest as comedian. There is a healthy conversation between them and she said on her 30th birthday happenings about her day and the pizza shop and the conversation went over .And lot of background noise is also there and conversation runs on cbd. The gay topic conversation doesn't went well and it's awkward and overall the word "fuck" is mostly used all over the show. There is no particular topic in this conversation but here and there pizza shop was discussed. The yawning sound of the host towards the end of the show seems bad and the discussion about orgasm is fishy. Nearly 12 callers participate in the show.The discussion about children sounds better in the overall show but probably there is no goal in the show and the rating is 1 out of 5 from Rathina, India.

Episode 94: Clara Cooper & Paul Conyers

Thursday, November 8 2018

Well, the weekend is here and more than anything, Cooper's radio show is something that helps me unplug. We have two tattoo-free guests at the Ritual for the 94th - David's mom Clara and funnyman, 212-pounder Paul Conyers! After attending to an early caller through the glass, the three settle in to get things rolling. Well, what do you know - it's truly a family show this week and Sr. is right - even a Jesus can't get through the Mexican border right now, let alone applying for asylum on the second coming. And if you ask me - we sure could do with a lot more loosey-goosey hippie rabbis, especially in the Middle of East or the Middle of West rather, looking from my side. You know what, I'm not sure if I've heard a more articulate funnyman on the show before, not to mention the spot-on German accent - he had me cracking up all the while. The lill' trip down comic-memory lane was pretty insightful too. Before bringing the curtains down, both David and Paul make a quick plug for the shows they have lined up - sounds like fun. That's me, Sam from the Far East rating this episode with nearly 4 stars - I've got enough to publish a paper on bum-wipes now, I think.

Episode 93: Clara Bodacious

Thursday, November 1 2018

Cooper is back at 1026 Valencia and the train wreck rolls on - to episode 93 this week (Wow!), with the versatile and multitalented Clara Bodacious in the guest seat. The show gets off the ground with quite a few callers from the other side of the glass. Clara's friend and fellow performer, Barbie then rings in and an interesting conversation ensues. Vampire fetish, period-sex towels, and hemorrhoids - can't say I've heard all three in one sentence before. Clara brings up something I hear all too often these days - how much it bothers parents to bring up children in the era of technology. And before long we're on communes and goat farming - boy we're running the whole gamut here! The outside phone line sees from frantic activity towards the very gay end of the episode, with our very own Banksy reveal - that was a good one, Clara! And just when the thought crossed my mind that Bond may have fumbled his Daylight Savings clock - I hear that all too familiar laugh. Boy does he work on his props or what?! - sounds like Mr. T has got a drop though. We sure have a transatlantic meeting to look forward to later this month. That's me, Sam from the Far East rating this episode with 4 stars! - that was more blood & hemorrhoids than I could take for an evening - but sill fun, I think.

Episode 92: Pamela

Thursday, October 25 2018

Time again for that show about nothing - Pamela, who doesn't really hold back on her farts, is David's guest for the week. Things get moving with Cooper unpacking a rape joke, which made me cringe slightly. When it comes to things like having a gift of the gab, our guest proves to be more than a match for David. A few interesting callers from across the glass divide and Miranda's call line the first hour - I'll probably see pink salmons in a whole new light from this day forth. But 'Adolf Gasser' has to take the weird snippet award for the week. David's childhood friend Jacob calls in and spills some of their peccadillos, which set things up nicely. Our man from across the pond then calls in and the show kinda enters a whole new level of reality. It was hilarious and painful at the same time. Oh yeah, talk of the Atlantic Ocean being a cock-blocker! - Well, maybe not for our drone man - but that's a good one Pamela! Oh Jenny, my Jenny! - full marks to her for being a sport. Oh boy, that was a cracker of a closing from Pamela! That's me, Sam from the Far East rating this episode with 5 stars - that sure went off the rails in the end but in a good way, I think.

Episode 91: Trish Pandya & Watson

Thursday, October 18 2018

Episode 91 of "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and today's guest on the show is Trish Pandya who had bailed out the last time. And the second guest is a Watson. They are on the show for a date, cant think of a worst place for a date, but hey who am i to judge. The show has a boring start. The first caller is Gay Gallow, who goes on to talk about his date/break up. They all go on to discuss polyamory relations. Then next boring discussion is on Martinis. The discussion was so boring, Gallow hung up without saying good bye. Finally another caller Miranda, who had to hold on till they dispensed off with Rommey. The next call is from a person who is confused about the show. This the most boring episode in recent times. Get some better guests, David. This is Karti from India rating the Episode 91 with 1 star.

Episode 90: Tracy Nguyen, pt. 4

Thursday, October 11 2018

It sure feels like ages - am I glad to be listening to Cooper again or what!? Sounds like the show has even moved up the ladder with a new station picking up the feed - way to go! David gets things rolling with his usual drill and introduces his guest Tracy Nguyen. However, the episode gets off the blocks with a whimper. Tracy brings up something that I've often wondered too - why does David get worked up when someone refers to the show as a podcast?! Miranda then makes an early call in and the three get chatting. But it doesn't take long before our leading man from across the pond calls in. Between tinder swipes, ass wipes, getting rimmed, boob squeezes and being on call to Her Majesty's Drone service, our man in London still makes his Friday morning dates. That's commitment! Tony comes to Cooper's rescue when he needs him the most - kinda like a laxative for the show (although Tony might argue it's the other way around!). After Tony hangs up, Cooper and Tracy strive to salvage the rest of the episode. Cooper goes on to play a hilarious clip from Burning Man. The curtains come down for the week with a karaoke duet which to be honest, cracked me up. That's me, Sam from the Far East rating this sing-along episode with 4 stars - that turned out well in the end, I think.

Episode 89: Dan Linley, pt. 6

Thursday, October 4 2018

Episode 89 (not 69) of "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and today's guest on the show is Dan Linley after Trish Pandey rescheduled to sometime in November. Quite early in the show there is a call who hangs up. Dan has a list of things to be discussed on the show. They go on to discuss Davids butthole, not the best part of the show. The first call on the show is from Clint, who works for San Francisco parks alliance, a non-profit. and they discuss a bunch of parks. The next caller is Vic. They go on crack jokes on the Jews. They have a long Q&A. Then Dan has a verbal diarrhea on the Kardashians, who he hates to the core. The next caller is the show regular, Tony. Tony has testy relation with Dan. Then we get a dose of typical Tony humor, but its quite subdued. The last caller is another regular Miranda, who has fought with her. One of the boring David Cooper shows in recent times. This is Karti from India rating the show a 1 out of 5.

Episode 88: Alexandria Love, pt. 4

Thursday, September 20 2018

Episode eighty eight of the show and today's guest on the show is a repeat from the last year Alexandria Love. They kick off the discussing Bitcoins later it gets a bit emotional when David mentions his ex-girlfriend. Its one of David's least swearing show, well atleast for first thirty minutes. Then they go on to discuss some TV shows. The second caller is Ray Connelly, who is a fellow comedian and had visited Alex's show last night. The next caller is Tony, a regular on the show and brings in a whole lot of shit. Blurts out a lot of profanities and racial comments. They go on to discuss some serious stuff. The next caller is Miranda, a weekly here. And some more discussions. This episode has lesser profanities, racial comments. This is Karti here from India (still waiting to hear back from you) rating episode eighty eight a Four out of Five. [Editor's Note: we'll call Karti at a later date.]

Episode 87: Munette, Anally, pt. 2

Thursday, September 6 2018

This is the 87th episode of the show called "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and today's guest on the show is is Munette, Anally. [Editor's Note: a pseudonym] Munette is podcast host herself and also does editing for it. She is self-proclaimed smelly person and baths only 4 times a week which is more than David. They go on to discuss an episode which they had shot together and David uploads its only for her mom to find it. There the show kicks off its dick, masturbate jokes. The part where they rename Munette as Ma-anally was hilarious. The first guest is the old time favorite Miranda. They all go on to discuss their porno likes and dislikes. The next caller is the crazy guy Tony, another regular. And the show goes to another level. I am beginning to like the show, its wicked vulgar sense of humor is fun and quite enjoyable. This was one of the better shows after a couple of previous shows. Thanks for taking my name in show, i would love to call the show. This is Karthi from India rating this episode o 3 out of 5, thanks for the entertainment.

Episode 86: Rachel Raphael

Thursday, August 16 2018

Today's guest on the show is called "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" is Rachel Raphael. It is episode 86. They go on discuss their friend Marty, Then they discuss Rachel's life, her earlier life and all. They both discuss their Jewish school experience. Lots of sex. The first caller is Miranda, a regular on the show. They together go on to discuss Rachael's cancer and she overcoming it. The next caller is Tony, yet another regular and brings in a bunch of profanities. The show picks some pace after Tony's entrance into the show. Not the best David Cooper show, but still okay and good. This is Karthi from India rating this show with 2 stars.

Episode 85: Erica Johnston

Thursday, August 9 2018

This is the show is called "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and today is the episode. Today's guest on the show is Erica Johnston, a longtime friend of David. [Editor's Note: David and Erica barely know each other.] The initial part of the part is boring specifically about the cult that Erica has joined. The first call is Ezra, a regular on the show. He has a beautiful voice. It has all the typical jokes with whole loads of cuss words like penis, gay jokes. Can be disgusting. Then Tony, another regular on the show, calls up. The discussion of the stripper show was quite good. The next caller is Miranda, yet another show regular. Erica's answer on her early marriage was heartfelt and felt genuine. This is Karti from India rating this episode a 3 out of 5. Never a good show, always okay. Cheers bye!

Episode 84: Jon Cooper, pt. 2 (Fire Island Special)

Thursday, August 2 2018

David takes the show to the East Coast this week - to the Hamptons where his brother Jon is having a gay bachelor party with some of his mates. The show is almost a non-starter with Jon's mates who promised to help, washing their hands off at the 11th hour. But David persists, and persist he does - albeit with the help of Miranda and Tony - Jon chips in as well. You know, with the kind of upbeat radio persona Tony puts on week after week, you sometimes tend to take it for granted that he may be the same in real life too. It was refreshing to hear him open up and take us for a peek behind the curtains - only to be derailed by McNuggets! - yes Tony, only on the David Cooper show indeed! Well, Tony manages to get himself invited for Jon's wedding later in the summer, and I have a feeling he's going to make it. If he does, it sure is gonna be a riot! Sounds like we have a few interesting weeks lined up. David gives next week's episode a heads up before deciding to give the nuggets his undivided attention. Nuggets on alcohol?! - that could be a wind-breaker isn't it? I hope not. That's me, Sam from the Far East rating this episode with well, no stars (to borrow from Tony - we're not in a competition, are we?). That was a decent listen, I think.