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Episode 101: Sam Chown (Shmu)

Thursday, December 27 2018

Well, There was another episode of David Cooper, I don't understand till that what is the objective of this show. Well congratulation for 101 episodes of this show, and thanks to Guest: Sam Chown of Shmu. This is a good person for this show. I did not understand the basic topic of this show, but i liked the conversation between. I am congratulated to Sam Chown for his new music album name I guess "shume". I like the conversation between David and his father. David disturbed his father in late night. Sam chown is don't believed in god and he was a religious or not I don't care. There was some bad thing happen when the first caller Miranda is calling but David is not received her call, this is a very bad manner, Mr. David Cooper. I am surprised that there is no any caller to call on this show. I think the good part of this conversation is a political discussion. So, The whole podcast is good and this time there is no any bad word I recognized, I am sunil from India giving 3 stars to this podcast. This is a good radio show. Thanks. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]