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Episode 102: Andrew Jaquith

Thursday, January 3 2019

The first show the 2019 of the show "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and today's guest on the show is Andrew Jaquith, a musician. WE hit off quite early with a guest calling in and hanging up abruptly. Andrew goes on tell a story of toilet water reflection story during his stay in Austin. The earlier call back and have an incoherent conversation. They go on call a lady called as Pink Nasty whom David had met somewhere, who doesn't receive the call and goes straight to voicemail. They receive a call from Tony, a regular and a fan favorite. They go on to discuss Davids mental block over his lack of motivation for his life. Surprisingly Tony has some really sound advice for him. Missed his crazy laugh. This one David's sedate episode and this is Karti from India rating episode 102 a two out of five, we get a different side of David today.