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Episode 103: Red Scott

Thursday, January 10 2019

Episode 103 of the show "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and David, today, is hosting Red Scott. They go on to discuss a Shitbag co-hosted by David and Priyanka. The first caller is Krill, a person with a odd name and his partner Griddle. They go on to have a very long discussion on monogamy and relationships. The next topic was even more boring, Canada!!!! Where is Miranda, Tony!!! anyone, please call. Finally a caller, and David hangs up!! The next caller is Alex and Red. And again David hangs up on them, that's really rude. Finally Miranda, the shows saviour, and finally we get porn :). The big revelation is Miranda has a half brother and many more to cum (pun intended) from her sperm donating father or like David called it jacking-it-off-through-med-school!! Later Tony calls in and sounds too sober and not his usual self. This is Karti from India, rating this show a 3 out of 5 and all 3 thanks to Miranda. Love you Miranda!!