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It's a radio show.

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Episode 107: Pamela, pt. 2

Thursday, February 7 2019

If you want cringes, go for this podcast, which for some reason insists on being called a radio show. A forty something Pamela is the guest of episode 107. She is clearly a post wall woman who still wants to appear hot and desirable to guys. I feel sorry for the callers. First guy called and she pretty much made herself his girlfriend or at least a date while the guy had little to no interest in her. Second caller was a catholic and was forced to hung up with discussions of arse and sh*t. The most cringe-worthy moment was when David was talking about masturbating next to his mother and Pamela started moaning and David shut her up. Even Miranda, David's girlfriend, called in between the show and literally told her to shut up. Eww, must have hit hard on the woman. Didn't go well for her I guess. Sandeep from India rates this show 3 star. Three star because it's one those "so bad they're good." [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]