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Episode 109: Darnell Lee (Rusty Shackleford), pt. 3

Thursday, February 21 2019

The two radio speakers make radio conversation very funny. They are creating funny conversation.But they area using lots of bad words,that was very disgusting.The first caller join in the crazy conversation madly.David makes laugh everyone,but he also insult someone with his bad words.Davis says "What the fuck is happening?" that gives some irritate feeling.The guest Darnell try to create comedy radio conversation,he doing his best.But i like that change from David. Because he suddenly start to appreciate them and feel for them.That makes happy that phone caller.The funny moment was Darnell asking about his girlfriends bed time talk ,He asks"What color of your girlfriend bed?".The moment no one believe David cooper is talking .He says "why you believe my name ?".One caller from driving he gives a good to him,that was appreciable one.well said David.The lady caller makes everyone laugh with voice change.Darnell gives tough to her a lot.And they start a talk about friends,family, love.that was good to hear.Darnell gives lot of advises about life,that was very energetic.They cut the caller with a good conversation.This time David try to control his bad words.They all take conversation next level.David advise to use condom.With lady caller ,that was a good advise.They motivate the caller with the condom concept.He said condom is a health to use.But it was very funny to hear,at the same time that was true.Darnell also motivate the lady caller with his special comedy talent.The callers asking lot of doubt about relationships.Dating is a big concept in the relationship. unfortunately David says"Badly i never have this experience in my teen".that was very funny to hear.The lady caller also give tough to Darnell in the fun conversation.I really enjoyed the conversation.One more fun was David says" I want to date a woman who married". David finally brake through about his secrets, that was he love sex parties. Sometimes the phone caller never agree with them. But David handle them nicely . that was very interesting.The caller talk about food wastage.that was awesome topic well ever i know.they all cooperate with them nicely.Really i love it.The conversation about love comes which age?David answered to them i start to love from my birth the girl name is nurse.very comedy conversation .no one rise their radio volume that was a good habit.Because rising radio volume makes everyone irritate.hard to leave the interesting callers,But say bye to them nicely.suddenly the sound was playing i love the voice a lot.I like this radio conversation very mush but they need to avoid some bad words and insult others.go ahead David good to go. My name-is Muhammad usman from pakistan and i rate this episode 10 star.