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Episode 11: Rusty Shackleford

Thursday, December 22 2016

Comedian Rusty Shackleford drops into the studio. Rusty's got a thousand kids in two thousand timezones. An employee of the Environmental Protection Agency, he discusses with David and the Suzuki SV650S's owner the legality of the bike's exhaust system. Your host and neighbourhood Grinch David, self-styled as the President and CEO of The Lonely Jewish Christmas Club rants on about his Yuletide disdain. An anti-Semitic caller tells David to relax and not let Christmas stress him out. Another caller likens your host to Howard Stern and Rusty to Robin. Hilarity ensues. Ex-marine Rusty and David argue repeatedly over whether there are "Davids" in the military. David's brother calls in but quickly gets bored. Things get real when Rusty talks candidly about his brief but turbulent tour in Iraq during Desert Storm. The show ends with everyone having to pee. That went well, I think.