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Episode 111: Dan Linley, pt. 8

Thursday, March 7 2019

This show is really humorous and they doesn't have any limit to talk about each other, telling about the host and the Guest. They are having fun and recording in coffee shop. This show is really good time pass and they talked about the students of the guest. They talked about the wild animals in the zoo and the school picnic. David host the program with some great questions and he makes this show rocking. They talked about some topics with the callers. callers had some great fun. I'm really surprised to hear this kind of show in radio show. But this is really unique and it is good to hear about it. They talked about trump supporters. Talked about time travelers. Talked about the poop and hand wash. David likes to sneeze more and when the sun hits him he likes to sneeze. After sneezing when the liquid smells odd and then it is bad breathe problems. Strong sense of character and they feel like they did a great and very funny show. My name is Paquee from Pakistan and I rate this show 3.5 stars!