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Episode 113: Roberto

Thursday, March 21 2019

David starts with the show my favorite was "coffee" I think David like coffee more than his wife Roberto voice it's just like a heath ledger, because it was so scary David make fun with the first caller because he call her "Hi mom"that was very funny I don't know why she cut the call in-between the conversation David also just think like me He make everyone laugh so I love this show a lot especially teens like this show more than me Because He say sex jokes just in the conversation. David and Roberto take the show in good flow I appreciate David because he appreciate his fans a lot. That was very good habit. Roberto is talk interesting about alabama, cancer anger pizza, many things. They discuss lot of different topics, that's lot help full for viewers I love this show a lot because they took the show very interesting They discuss about maximum topics in the world It was very interesting show for me. My favorite topic was David suddenly start conversation about his Ex lover, that was very funny David said "i have a ex girlfriend but she got married" Roberto can't control. That's the reason the success of this show I'm big fan of David Cooper show. Akhila from India rating this show with-100 shine stars.