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Episode 114: David the Car Guy

Thursday, March 28 2019

It is episode 114 of the "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" show and it has two Davids today. David [redacted] also known as David the Car Guy, is the guest today, who gives an lesson on what Phonetics is. Thankfully we get the first caller on the show, John Carsole, who was supposed to be the guest today. The second caller closes out quite soon. Then we continue of a long story of David buying a car and his salesman. The next caller is Annette, and we get an hilarious conversation. The conversation with John's wife, Alli, is even more madder which includes penises, breast milk and fake tits, its got all. Finally after many weeks we get Tony, the star of the show. Man did we miss that voice. The next call is to Shenaz, David's wife. And some more of BJs, gays and more of breast milk. Miranda calls in for the final part of the show. We get a lot of psychology mumbo jumbo.This is Karti from India rating a 3 out of 5 for this episode, hoping for more of Tony in coming weeks.