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Episode 117: Jack & Felicia, pt. 2

Thursday, April 18 2019

As if one wasn't enough, now we have two guests in Episode 117 of David Cooper's Famous show about which the only thing going good is its name. Jack and Felicia talk a lot about their life, especially Felicia who talks a lot about her sister. David's camera or microphone broke during the show, so I guess he will have to do a dozen more episodes of this show to just make up for that. In this show people just talk and talk, content is of little to no importance. No one can finish his sentence before being interrupted. No line of thought is ever taken forward without its core content being changed from one to who knows what. I'm not sure if Felicia has naturally such annoying voice or she did it just for this show. Sandeep from India rates this episode 4 stars because it has changed my default setting for things that used to annoy me and set the bar really low.