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Episode 118: Ray Connolly, pt. 4

Thursday, April 25 2019

One of the better episodes of this show, mainly because there were some honest talks. Ray Connolly is an advertising freelancer who clearly isn't satisfied with his current work and wants to do music. Interestingly David also plays music which is good to know. I came to know that David does standup comedy too. What I found interesting was their talk about therapists. Ray was either high or depressed (or both. But not saying it in negative way.) Not many callers today. David revealed he was 32, but to be frank he doesn't sound 30+. He appears like someone in early or middle twenties, at least from voice. In this episode it felt like David was restraining himself, which is a change because he generally otherwise goes haywire with the flow. Sandeep from India rates this episode 3 stars, which is surprising for me too because I should've given higher. I guess I missed David's original style, even though it is full of profanities and vulgar talks. He has spoiled me.