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Episode 12: Dan Linley & Vic Dence (Christmas Special)

Saturday, December 24 2016

It's Christmas live from a crappy hotel or a decent motel with David finding himself in North County, San Diego for a bizarre impromptu episode. Joining him are childhood friends Dan Linley and Vic Dence. A caller to many but never an in-person guest, it's Vic's first time on a podcast, nay radio show in the flesh. It's a surreal experience for him. Dan refuses to cooperate and plays video games the whole time wearing disgusting socks. Dan's podcast co-host Doug from Fish Burp who's been feuding with David calls. In the holiday spirit the two make a small move toward reconciliation. Alex Love from yet another podcast, Here's Why That's Funny, rings aroused with Christmas furvor and threatens to beat David's "monkey ass." The motley crew bicker and discuss their tolerance for David. Vic's diplomacy skills shine through when he mediates an argument over whether lying to your kids about Santa is sociopathic. That went well, I think. No word about the Suzuki SV650S.