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Episode 120: Rachel Barth & Dan Linley

Thursday, May 9 2019

David Cooper planned to take this podcast in a coffee shop and he happily invited the guest Rachel Barth and Dan Linley to the show.The three had a fun and after few minutes phone is ringing. Dan Linley got shocked and lady spoke with them. David told as they were talking about the game tennis and its back end. Then asked the lady about herself and the website. After that they were discussing about the movies. David is very interesting and love to have sex with stranger. Dan told i think i won't imagine with the unknown people. David told Rachel as you are the good human being because he told i didn't see the body. They both talk to Dan as if you are get pregnant do abortion. Then get pregnant with constipation and going to become a mom. Three had fun together and laughing. A caller called, David thought he was drunk and made some funny comments but it turned out the caller had mental disability and David felt really bad after that. Well, repenting is the path of forgiveness, which is exactly what the next caller pointed out who was a nurse. They discuss about Dan family. He attended the phone call and do bad jokes. Overall it is very irritating to hear. They talked about sex very often. Dan talked about her interests in sex,movies and discuss about producer. They discuss the website go to Finally he wish to list 4 things. Dan Linley is talkative. Moreover the discussion is about sex. Overall the show is not interesting and it was very bad. Rathip from India rate this episode with 0 stars.