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Episode 121: Ezra Teshome

Thursday, May 16 2019

Episode 121 of the "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper", hosted by David Cooper and today's guest is Ezra Teshome after the original guest chickened out bailed out at the last minute. Ezra is a musician and has lived in many cities. And we get the best joke of the show on MJ. Then we have a long discussion on therapists. And things are boring till David calls Ezra's parents and it clean fun. Its been an hour now, but no caller yet. Finally we get a caller/call picker, Sheera, a recently graduated student. The next caller hangs up quickly. Then we finally get to Ezra's singing, and he is quite good at it. We got back to some serious discussion on religion and other things.This is Karti, back to reviewing the show, from India rating this show a 3 out of 5, one of better episodes without the regular callers like Miranda or Tony and only 2 callers for the whole show.