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Episode 124: Dan Linley & Sara DeForest

Thursday, July 11 2019

its a evening time radio in San Francisco David cooper and a one girl Sara in radio station. David cooper is asking ice cream and corn. David cooper saying the girl 10 year snickers eating.ask a girl to am a fish ladies in speech to David cooper very funny laughing in the new cal is connection brokeles in speech to two member. David cooper and girl are eating with speech to the caller.she ask a Mary to your pair he is laughya OK say.the office time is 9 to 5 clock to say the new connection is come any question ask to gellaro speech to victory dams 8535937 this number say ask 3 song and shall we go to the nice cabin.have you medal straw ask a caller she speech them Sara is saying milkshake.a caller is a play audio David is speech to the caller port. ask question the caller go to highway fast in car a play a video in very soundly the video child is sound. David is a cold caller 124 time every Thursday going and thanks the cal cut a mike. a one caller is calling india in Maharashtra name is rajiv. one caller is Canada going to the David stress about the mind.the cal was longingly speeches. sardne is calling and speech very laughing pizza to eat miss the live to speech and come next week David thanks to say the guest 3 shows to the days finally good night say to finish the episode. Nandeep in mumbai rating 10 star