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Episode 126: Big Willie

Thursday, July 25 2019

The show begins with David Cooper introducing his show "This is going well, I think" and after listening to it i feel like that it did indeed go well or at-least i think it did. The show seems quite casual, sometimes a little bit too causal that it almost seems downright unprofessional. The topics were all over the place some funny, some were personal, some cringe-worthy and some outright inappropriate. I am just glad atleast out of the two speaker David and Willie (The famous guy from Reebok ad/the show's guest), Willie actually confronted David Cooper when he went overboard. Some remarks were disrespectful and inappropriate (retards, mom's vaginas). The callers were interesting my favourite one was the woman who didn't give her name, she called when they were speaking about Willie stealing a bowling ball; I think it brought out the best of both the speakers and they were very comfortable discussing it and cracking jokes. David sometimes made medical jokes which i think most audience would not get but could be very enjoyable for some people in the field, like me. I think it'd be great if David learnt to shut his trap once in a while like when Willie was talking about Tim Olsen "Tim Olsen, you fish killer!", That was golden; needed to be continued. Though unprofessional its smoothness and continuity made me like it. The show ends on a fungal note. Chris Maxwell from India rates this episode that went well 4 stars. Good Show. Time for some meditation.