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Episode 127: Rachel Raphael, pt. 2

Thursday, August 8 2019

David cooper host the show as usual with fire and I like his show. Even though he didn't have more listeners, he will not down. David plays his role well. I think both the hosts were not prepared for the show, they simply chat with the callers. This show need some gaming concept so that it might reach more listeners and it will be more interesting. I never seen a show like this very slow. Callers talked about the animal love and david didn't like animals and the caller was not happy with the answer. She wants everyone to love animals. Only pet animals can be loved. Discussing about the cancer patient and it is making some what very sad and it is not happy to hear about it. David was very energetic through out the show. They didn't leave any break. Thump up for their energy level. I need some what concepts so that the radio show will be reached more numbers of people. I would rate 2 star for this show. It is my personal opinion. I am Sunnhil.