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Episode 13: Jon Cooper (Canadian Special)

Thursday, January 5 2017

A special episode broadcast from an ad-hoc home studio in Toronto. This week, David's brother Jon joins us. At the top, Jon discusses his view of David's childhood woes and verifies claims about their mother's nudist tendencies. After an initial brawl about a guitar theft and Jon's relationship with a friendly neighbourhood pedophile, a friend calls in saying David and Jon are Jewish narcissists. There's a trumpet, there's Tequila! Jon and their brother Dan gang up on David about his imaginary girlfriend. A guest, Galo, tells us a bad story about David naked and covered in vomit this past New Years Eve. That went well, I think. David's (ex?) girlfriend grabs the mic and takes a few jabs at everyone. She stunningly fact checks David's false claims about his sexual history. A challenge arises: will the Suzuki SV650S be sold before David finalizes his divorce? Afterwards, what you didn't hear was Jon say, "That was terrible, can we re-do it?"