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Episode 130: Monica & Annick Adelle

Thursday, September 19 2019

I just listened to the podcast titled "This is going well, I think by David Cooper". It is apparently the 130rd episode, I am surprised it's been going on so long given the type of conversations they have. David is ruthless with the people he interviews. He is invasive, childish and sometimes funny. Although these factors don't necessarily make him a bad interviewer. He goes in so deep that you can see the person who he is interviewing bare which makes them more relatable and easy to feel for. One of the guests of the day was Monica, after listening to her talk. I feel inspired by her character just by knowing that she came on the show given all her insecurities. Her story about the tattoo which symbolises not always being able to succeed was something new and refreshing. I personally didn't like the second guest as much. I also noticed that Monica stopped talking as much after the second guest came in, probably because of her being socially incompetent like she discussed. Annick Adelle from what I gather is a lesbian who kinda hates many things like men, balls with hair and apparently jews. She seems very open and very outgoing which is the opposite of Monica. So it felt like the chemistry was off, it would have been way better if it was done separately. All in all I think that went well. Chris from India rates this show 4 stars out of 5. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]