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Episode 132: Joseph Ugalde, pt. 3

Thursday, October 3 2019

David cooper repeat his name a lot! Even in 132 episode. Think it's a unplanned Guest, Sure the Name with Jack feel a lot! Caller from New York were so hesitated initially. David follower were so crazy and makes him embarrassed and make fun of him. Mobile sound wake us in-between, they said its interesting but we don't feel that so. David not allowing him to complete the answer. Keep on changing the track, I think coffee not gives a break here also something new. While! Kitty Cat, Tomato buddy sounds really Oh pooh! Pet lovers will completely hate this show. At last Christmas become "Pale Blue Christmas".0.56 really like "Segue". Please don't yawn in-between the show. I heard from the beginning to end of the show sounds Ah! Uh! A lot by the guest. There's a time lag between the Comedy lol !. But yes a new episode would be great. Sakkir form Indiana rate this show with 2 star!