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Episode 134: Roberto & Kelsey

Thursday, October 17 2019

In this episode there are two people. Roberto and Kelsey are a couple. David asks them how they met. Turns out they met through Tinder. After that David asks a lot of question on their meeting and relationship, including asking them to perform a sexual act live on show. A gay person or group called and David tells them a personal bathroom selfie story. After that David again makes the couple resume their dating story. It seems he is quite interested in it. Even asked about actual sex talks and both of them were easily giving details with gentital. Guess that's contrast between western and eastern culture for me right there. David gave a nice creative name to this episode: "Roberto's awakening and Kelesey's camping trip", based on their date. Sandeep from India is giving this episode 3 and a half star out of 5 because there was an actual real story to listen to instead of very bad empty talks that usually happen.