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Episode 135: Dan Linley, pt. 9

Thursday, October 24 2019

A much more energetic episode than last few ones. Looked like everybody got their energy and enthusiasm back, the host, the guest and the callers. But what does that mean in case of the great host of this great show David Cooper? It means more vulgarity, more profanity and more bad jokes. It appears that David is beginning to carve out his space, because now callers appear to match David's level. They have begun to share and reciprocate David's passion and personality of being bad. Not evil type of bad but poor type of bad, like not bad boys but bad song or bad vegetable. So, with David at center, the whole environment becomes like that - the guests, the callers, even the viewers- like me. So yeah, being in that mindset and still under influence, I, Sandeep from India, rate this episode 4 out of 5 stars for bringing the bad back.