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Episode 138: Sequoia

Thursday, November 21 2019

The podcast or as they call it a radio show on their website is called "This is going well I think with David Cooper". Funny thing happened, at some point the host and his guest Sequoia talk about weird domain names and that's when I realised that I too was one of those fools who didn't believe that the website was real. I have been through many episodes up until now. I always thought it was a running joke of the show. I checked the site out for real this time, well what do you know it exists. I think David needs to announce that it is real website. Here I was thinking that David is a bit anti-semitic or thinks that jew are too fat. Sorry David! This episode was refreshing, especially because of the guest. The show started with David's usual intro. I know he's done it 138 times but damn that intro sounds like it is pre-recorded. I wonder if he practices it in front of the mirror before sleeping. The guest was also a radio show host. It felt so weird. At some points you wonder who really is the host of the running show. Sequoia definitely gave Cooper a run for his money. Sequoia has been doing it for a longer time and it shows. I hope Sequoia gave some pointers to David and that he uses it to better this atrocity. Chris from India gives this show 5 stars.