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Episode 139: Natasha Vinik

Thursday, December 5 2019

This is a podcast what tells stupidity in a funny way.It is weird but entertaining .David cooper is a guy who seems to be mad and funny at the same time.This episode had a funny guest who is a comedian and a philanthropist as told by David cooper.She was very lively and talkative who kept the show competent and people may not get bored.But i can say stupidity is promoted a lot. David welcomes her and she is delighted.He asks her about her boyfriend .she says he is Ryan and he is funny too.They fall in love in six days or so.Then they says about their mood swings .they discusses about their psychiatric treatments and drug doses too.weird .Then a caller comes who is thirty nine who was having fun at home.Then again calls come and go the phone dies and that didn't go well with David cooper i think and he was stressed.Another caller talks about insta and photos.Another caller does not speak and so on.Natasha laughs aloud and David says he has own great.They starts to speak sex and callers too.What a culture less show,but it is funny too.So Katy from Bahrain rates this show with 3 stars. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]