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Episode 14: Alexandria Love

Thursday, January 12 2017

This week hilarious comic Alexandria Love of Bay Area podcast Here's Why That's Funny drops in. She's twenty-four years old. With the revelation that Alex is inexplicably drawn to David, the following question comes up: would you rather be likeable or be David? Our first caller is the studio's neighbour complaining about the show. Brianna from the street calls in and tells David he looks ashy and needs lotion. Parental problems are discussed. Alex's parents think she's a loose woman. David's parents call in for the first time. His mother gives a long overdue apology, but David laments that there wasn't more confrontation. A stand-up routine about fruit is played. David's early childhood friend (and crush?) Hallie unexpectedly walks by and calls in. David asks what might have been if he'd made advances when they were thirteen. Events that happened years ago are discussed and David's definitely, definitely still not angry. David and Alex commiserate over their formative years. Alex explores feelings of self-esteem, happiness, loneliness, and fraught high school days and relates them to her experiences with stand-up comedy. Too much wine is consumed. David gets called a rape apologist. That went well, I think. The Suzuki SV650S is getting its plates registered tomorrow, but we'll believe it when we see it. Or hear it.