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Episode 140: Tracy Nguyen, pt. 6

Thursday, December 19 2019

God, this David Copper guy sounds like he is eating a shoe while dancing lambada. How did this guy think he could have a podcast? I don't know if he sounds worse when his pitch is going up and down, all uncontrolled, like a bunch of cool cats playing jazz, or when he tries to sound like professional radio and the attempt is just laughable. His co-host, Tracy, is not any better, repeating exact lines the same as he said them for no reason but waste the listener's time. The notion that some podcasters have - and a lot of the media, sadly - that everyone's opinion on politics is relevant is one of the greatest plagues on our culture. I literally have no idea who would want or care to hear about what some random thinks about politics. They should stick to their jokes - I mean, after learning to actually make them funny. Between the completely meaningless political commentary, and the awful jokes, I think the rest went well. Except of course there was nothing else besides that, and the show is unbearable. If this show had 2 minutes, it might be bearable albeit useless. To listen to this for two hours should be enough to be paid a nice amount of money, and even then it would be torture. This gets a zero from Takashi from Hawaii. Infinitely prefer Dr. Pepper to David Cooper. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]