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Episode 142: Annie, pt. 2

Thursday, January 2 2020

The host David cooper was ok but I don't know why he converse very boring with guest which means apart from the topic. the guest Annie go with this show very dull, i think that the guest was interesting in this show, her voice was so dull. I think, that this show went well but in some place it shows very unnecessary conversation with caller and also guest. And mainly this shows going with just like yeah and ok, simply bad. In my point of view, i think that this show was very unprepared show because they don't know how go talk in the show and how we go with show and all other that they don't know about the topic, this was very bad thing. David tried to fun with the female caller and also he didn't give respect much more to her. But both of host David cooper and guest Annie make fun and enjoy with female caller. they talk about Miranda and also they feel about Miranda and peter's ex girlfriend story was very sad. anniee talk about family and sad weird story about affaire. finally, the female caller rate for this show is 3, in my point of view, i rate with 2, i think this was not enough. Arjun from India.