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Episode 144: Terese Taylor

Thursday, January 23 2020

David cooper is the host of this episode, in the introduction he talk very unnecessary things like I don't care about anyone and talk about coffee, i think that this was unnecessary. Next, he introduce the guest Teresa Taylor, both of them talk about buffalo, this is also non-nonsensical. Their conversation is apart from the topic of the show, so this was a irritating show. Mostly, David cooper said yeah! yeah! in the show when the guest Teresa Taylor talk, that was gives more irritating. And all through the show, they talk about family, personal things and very unnecessary things. The caller Sara is talk like very exciting but she also makes very boring because David cooper tried to make a fun also with the caller Sara, that was totally irritating. I think that this show was totally waste of time, i feel that this show is unprepared show because terese taylor tried to converse something else, that was not a meaningful conversation. Until the end of conversation, they never talk about the topic of this show, that was very non-nonsensical and that was gives a feel like this is unnecessary show. Overall, I don't like this whole podcast, the first caller rates this podcast with 4 star but I rate this podcast with 1 star, I don't like this whole podcast. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]