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Episode 147: Vahé Hove, pt. 2

Thursday, February 13 2020

David start the conversation with congratulation him about his job.He also praised about David's work.They both discuss about the friends,work contacts,comedy contacts.He asked about job to the David.He replied privacy is important for me.Then they both discussed about comedy and podcast.He praised as your podcasting is very interesting.They had fun about how people listening to David's podcast.He told sometimes i watched in YouTube.Both of them talked about mirwire,classic and all.David shared about he likes game show and baby show. Every week they issued free movie tickets which was liked by people very much.It made people very interesting to register for that.He told about David hosting so many shows it seems.They discussed about movie,camera man and all.Later David shared a mobile number.He told David about his wife is not comprised on valentine's day and David told about the DNA test did.He showed his mom to the guest.Later the conversation goes about dad and suddenly they both talked to the caller and had fun together about southern Africa and all.The caller ended the talk with global warming and all are laughing together.The guest shared about the stage,stand up comedy show experience.They discussed about having kids and shared it as disgusting because women faced physical pain to have child.They talked both media come love is extremely biased,national media is fake and local media is unfake and all.Lastly they talked to the lady caller and discussed about valentine's day.Overall the conversation is not bad and ended with saying valentine love. David told the guest as i got a message that u got a new job.So congratulations for that.He asked about his podcasting and appreciate his work.David asked him as you have a friend,worker,lover and all.He told i don't feel comfortable about talking of worker contacts.He appreciate about his cleverness in his comedy.They talked about doing podcast is fun .He asked tomorrow's podcast is about valentine's day.Both of them discussed people like to listen podcast and he replied sometimes i watched in you tube.The guest told he like work conference and david told it is not luxury line.David discuss about his interesting shows and the guest told people have interest to register for free tickets.The conversation is going about media person,podcast and his morning show.They shared about their starting experience,people comments and money.The guest talked about his girl friend and david told about his wife and discussed about valentine.He told as people think as i drunk more and he asked how did you find that.He asked david as you see lot of people,somebody is surprised.Later the conversation goes about podcast,media,logo and all.He told some people want to hear jokes and funny.David told he liked jokes very much and he is enjoying.He told about his joke performance in stage.In between they talked to the caller and had fun.They discussed about women's pain while having baby,so they don't like it.David spoke about the coupon to the caller.Overall the conversation is good and interesting to hear.Bajjit from india 6 star. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]