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Episode 150: Celeste Winter, pt. 4

Thursday, March 5 2020

Well, it, David cooper again, nice to see you again. Nice to meet you also Celeste winter. She is very good is talking about her personality. But I don't understand why David cooper asking about her age every time. At the starting of this talk show. There was starting is very slow. The first caller is talking about her friend. Which is like a gay person. Well, the second caller which name is tony. This person is very much talking and loud person. I too much like him. This episode does not look very interesting to me. In this episode, David looks very sad. The caller is very too much talking and I don't know which are laughing very bad man. Sometimes the caller is engaging all around. Merinda is always there like every episode. I love her. But I have not seen her face. So this episode is very good for those who like living very personally. I am also a very alone person. I like this episode. I am Sunil from India given four-star for this show. Thanks.