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Episode 154: David Plays More Country Music & Takes Calls

Thursday, April 9 2020

David is talking without the guest in this podcast. He gave COVID-19 instructions to the people as wash your hands often. He played the bad county song for few minutes. After that he spoke with the callers and discussed with england Tony about the quarantine,nature,government,society and all. He played the songs in between to pass the time. I think he don't know how to do the podcast without the guest. Its bad show. The songs make irritating. Again David discussed about the songs,players,relationships,his mom,feelings etc. It feels very bore to hear this podcast. He spoke with the caller about the relationship with the mother. The caller who is a 17 year old girl who changed to boy described their family about how their parents got separated in a sadly manner. But those idiots made fun and laughed. But there is not much reason for laughing. At last David told proud of you to that boy after know her full family story. David told his brother as a gay. David asked useless questions which is not necessary and made it a lengthy conversation. David often use the word "Fuck". Then David spoke about his grandfather,job and tried to motivate that boy. Finally David told he became a fan of that boy. But really the story of that boy made me melting. Overall the story make the podcast somewhat better. As usual David made funny jokes which was irritated and remaining was very bored conversations. Mayur from India gives 2 stars for this episode. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]