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Episode 156: David Plays Even More Country Music & Takes Calls, Again

Thursday, April 23 2020

It was a new experience where there is no guest and David Cooper was full on .The show starts off with a nice track. The song Who's Gonna Take the Garbage Out was very heartwarming hearing it after a long time. The First caller Ceasey was nice but sad to hear that she is away from her daughter who is working as a doctor. But she was very funny to say her stories about the funeral thing and after that dating. Nice to hear that David cooks for her girlfriend Miranda. And good to hear about the precaution taken by a 75 year old women starting from social distancing of 6 feet wiping her bags and all. And nice to hear that she is doing Yoga. And it was funny that Miranda texted David that they have been dating for seven years. And the second caller Keygen was too funny. Good to hear that his dad is alive. His story was little bit boring. But once Miranda and Jayjay has entered it was good to hear. The song Excuse me was very nice. Overall a nice talk show nice people. Neo from India rates this episode 6 stars.