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Episode 158: Jack & Felicia Attempt a Takeover With Varying Success

Thursday, May 7 2020

This particular show was different as starting with Jack and Felicia acted as the Host and David as the guest and the conversation between them telling about their weekend was good to start the program. It was so fun to talk about their sex life especially David talking about his ex-girlfriend Mary. But after that the show got really bored as both Jack and Felicia were talking non sense and it really felt like when will their conversation end. It was so relief when the first caller Lucas turned up otherwise it would have been a terrible boring show Shocked to hear David's brother also a gay. The second segment election 2020 was also boring with David got very less to talk. The second caller Keagen started well and fun to hear whenever David talks. The friend of Keagen was also boring to hear. Then Tony called with Miranda and everyone is laugh at Jack. I don't understand anything these weird people are say. Jack is telling us about black history but doesn't want black Tony to talk. Have heard so many David shows and definitely this is the worst one as David got very less space in the show. Neo from India rates this a 2 star.