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Episode 159: Miranda Plays ABBA

Thursday, May 14 2020

This episode 159 podcast really entertains the people who looks for entertainment i guess. If someone wants some sleep can hear this show show that they will sleep well, jokes apart. I love David cooper just nail the show alone. If he gets the guest and he will be like a free bird to fly in the sky. All the bad words will be spoken in the broadcast that is the thing is wondering for me. How could someone talk bad words in the public radio podcasts. This show has some mix of boring thing and interesting stuffs and talking about David's Girl Friend Merenda. Sharing the privacy thing is absolutely something new to me. This show is just moving to next level, callers also very sportive about the questions from the David. And we are having a ABBA song off by Merenda. The first song is vou le vou, a song i heard a long time back. Dont know why inspired ABBA to make this song, but its catchy and very singable. Then a typical cat mouse fight between both of them, and we get the song Fernando, and we are still waiting for the first caller of the day. And talk of the devil, its a Keeegan, who has made a new friend. And then Merenda and David play Agony Aunt to Keeegan's problems and they do it seriously for a change. The next caller is Tony form the UK, with a devilish laugh. Wow that's a real sound advice from Tony. This is MarU from India in my point of view I would rate this show with the 4 out of 10. Average podcast show. As I said earlier if someone looks for sleep can hear this show so that they will be having good sleep hearing on this. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]