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Episode 16: Munette, Anally

Wednesday, January 25 2017

Tonight Munette - a psuedonym - of podcast Ask a Divorcée joins us. At the top, David's childhood friend Jordan calls in and tells us about his new love interest. Jordan speaks to the ongoing plot arc of David's mother's childhood toplessness. Age of consent laws in Canada vs. the US and their various loopholes are debated. Munette tells of us of her new romance and his symmetrical, perfect penis. By collecting pellets, Munette and her man believe life and death are the same which is confusing. A mystery to David -- why Munette always looks dirty -- is answered. We find out Munette doesn't care for testicles but that David's a "Ball Man." The Suzuki SV650S owner, David and Munette discuss mental illness. We're still awaiting the bike's inspection by the CHP. David's girlfriend calls and the show devolves to discussing buttholes and hemorrhoids. That went well, I think. The episode ends with David and Munette disagreeing about the definition of polyamory.