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Episode 160: David Plays Country Music & Takes Calls For the 6th Time

Thursday, May 21 2020

Man, what a nonsense radio show. First, how do you begin your show saying: the radio show that no one listens? Another point, a two hours radio show is very very long. You could record between 30 minutes and one hour, but never two hours; that is my point of view. I am sorry. About the songs you have played, it felt like playing random songs from your playlist. David Cooper, my man, I suggest that you may follow a script in order to organize the topics. "How do you go from annoying to accepttance to david" in my opnion is a very personal question in a wide broadcast like this. The british guy tony was the funnest part, it was so weard lol. i dont understand keegan at all weird person. And what about the door openning noise lol. Although David to be a littel crazy, he is her girlfriend manager, in his words, off course. Pedro from Brazil rates this episode 3 stars.