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Episode 162: Andrea, pt. 2

Thursday, June 4 2020

"That went well, I think."...Um, not quite. Right off the bat, David Cooper annoyed me. The guy just has an annoying voice and the jokes he made were bleh. Andrea, the guest, who has an equally annoying voice, talked about 'plamping', a thing that I never would have thought anyone could possibly care about. In fact, all the topics these two talked about in the first half-hour were either cringe or boring. Ten-year-olds and nudity? Yuck. Cartoon crushes? Both cringe and yawn. What's the weirdest thing you've had inserted? Just stop!!!! David's girlfriend, Miranda came into the conversation and the three of them talked about having not gone to protests for the Black Lives Matter movement, but having 'thrown money at it' by donating. Not really the best thing to say in my opinion. There was generally a lot of flippancy about serious topics throughout the whole show that I didn't really care for. The first caller brought a bit of interest and seriousness to the conversation that David and his guest didn't quite manage to ruin. Florence from Zimbabwe rates this episode 2 stars, and I'm in a generous mood today. Most of the other callers were kind of boring apart from the guy Tony who did the accents and it was hard to want to keep listening, but I'm not a quitter so I stuck with it. I think he was racist but he said he was black so I don't know what to think. Things didn't get that much better throughout. Profanity and constant talk about nudity. The last callers were on drugs and confused me. I wouldn't tune in again.