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Episode 163: David Plays Country Music & Takes Calls For the 8th Time

Thursday, June 11 2020

Episode 163, of The show is called "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper". One needs to appreciate David, even in this situation he continues to belt out new episodes. This time again its Country Music. And we start off with some songs. 4 songs down and we are still waiting for someone to call in! The first caller about to go to sleep, and will probably make us go to sleep. Then later we have main cast. Its JayJay, Miranda and the one and only Tony. Whats with David obsession with "Hemorrhoids", get over it man. Then we get in some Trump bashing, who continues to surprise everyone with his antics. Man you, Americans certainly know know how to pick your leaders. The show picks up some pace with this trio. Namsate to you too, Mother*ucker! Then the songs continue and some new guests. This is MarU from India rating this episode a 3.5 of 5, thanks to new guests and the old ones chipping in.