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Episode 164: Tracy Nguyen, pt. 8 (David's Birthday Special)

Thursday, June 18 2020

Happy birthday David. I wish your dream comes true and you become a popular comedian. About the episode and guest: Boy, what an annoying voice. Nagged her boyfriend to breakup ("killed boner by nagging", is that possible?). Didn't understand David's sarcasm on sports being masculine. Living at boyfriend's place for free even after breakup. Hates Chinese but gonna live with one because it saves rent. Doesn't have a car but knows how to call a car. Thinks BLM protestors are radicalized by internet. David also believes in conspiracy theory that China, Russia are making these riots happen. A teenage girl called and David made her feel bad - she apologized for not having gossip as spicy as David wanted and had to make an excuse to cut call (leaving cooking gas open - as old as call cutting excuse directory goes. I felt bad for her.) Tony brought new energy. Sandeep from India rates this episode 3.5 out of 5 stars.