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Episode 165: David Plays Country Music & Takes Calls For the 9th Time

Thursday, June 25 2020

Its David, twice in a week, what has the world come to. He is back with the Episode 165 of his show "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper". We start still gonna hear the country songs, and there wont be any Tony or Miranda today, so its gonna a big a big bore and that's what happens with the first couple who call up. The most boring couple to have called on the show. Even David was happy when they were disconnected. Then we a get bunch of country songs. And after 30 minuets we get a caller. Its Keegan, whose smells of pig shit. And we have Miranda, hopefully the show gets on track now. And the hillybilly couple is back. The song "Touch your woman" was quite weird, certainly for today's times. How about playing some Bollywood songs for a change David. Later we get Jay Jay and Tony, This is MarU from India rating this episode a 2.5 of 5.