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Episode 170: Tracy Nguyen, pt. 9

Thursday, July 30 2020

Episode 170 of the show and tonight's guest is Tracy Nguyen, a regular on the show now. The first 30 minutes we get lots of Tracy's relationships, and a lots of her steamy encounters., in addition to that we have David playing the Agony Aunt. She should get someone to write of her sex tales. Then we have a discussion of Drugs. Wow people dont take long to adapt to any solution, an app to check the COVID testing to have sex. Then Miranda joins in. And finally we have a caller, and its Tony. Looks like he is only caller nowadays. Tracy has fully has turned into a full on nymphomaniac. And we also get JJ to the scheme. Tracy thats called being Spiritual. And we get the line of the show "God is a Tool", David you should consider titling this for the episode. Love you too Tony. And we hope you didnt mean India Summer. One of ok episodes, with a whole lot of sex, threesomes, drugs etc. The only thing missing was David's obsession with hemorrhoids. This is MarU from India rating this episode of the show a 2.5 of 5. PS: David I understand people spamming you with reviews, and you need to motivate people to write better so atleast give a bonus to the review you select for your site. Also waiting for the Bollywood songs. [Editor's note: we gave MarU a bonus.]