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Episode 175: Allegra Meshuggah

Thursday, September 3 2020

David is back after a long holiday, It is episode 175 of the the show is called "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and the guest tonight is Allegra Meshuggah. So glitch caused David to miss the intro of the Allegra. The first guests we get are some hippies, and we get a long monologue from Allegra. And later we get Tony in the forum and his evil laugh. And David is still in Canada, Allegra leaves quite early and we have Buck, Tony and David only on the show. We get a new type of pizza, called the Mexican Pizza. True detective was quite good. It was quite sad to hear Miranda saying how politics plays out in wearing a mask or not. The best part of the show was when Tony and David started on Miranda's sister. Imagine Miranda and her sister pillow fighting in her pink underwear. This is Maru from India, rating this a show a boring 1.5,