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Episode 176: Alyssa Westerlund, pt. 4

Thursday, September 10 2020

The host David cooper first says the funny content and says about the topic, then the host introduce the judge and David Cooper it's this is going well I think the show where no 1's listening and no 1 cares that show where every episode the last episode so let's begin sadly we are not in the studio at the window 1026 went to street however for years ritual coffee has donated their space every Thursday night kindly and generously. We got a pretty cool thing we're talking now just one just one. One for just one pool I would stop growing up with the kids with the tools that really. Tools like it just seems a little like what you have I mean like a hot tub makes sense cool I don't understand why we're Jews who pools were Jews with pools the type of job. We're we're in Canada are you I forget this it's a it's a Toronto home in Toronto that's where I grew up. When you are moving to Mexico look at us where soon will be the father son Holy Spirit JJ will be in America I'll be in Canada. You'll be in Mexico when you move. I they just a couple weeks now my god do you know where you're going you just gonna come across the border not wearing any clothes yeah Hey I'm just getting. In the same. Totally i did not like this show because it does not give any proper content. Finally i give the rating 3 star for this show. Guest is Alyssa fun.