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Episode 179: Tracy Nguyen, pt. 10

Thursday, October 8 2020

The entire show hosted by David Cooper. David Cooper Choosing one guest name is Tracy Nguyen.It is planned show because david cooper interview with guest. He is say some question to Tracy Nguyen and she is replied to hoster. she is telling about itself and family members. The she is talking about carrier life. She is stay at single and contain two brothers She is enjoyed life and carrier.She is explain about the enjoyable moment and how to handle the difficult stage.I would like to say one point what is i am saying many people saying about our character based on our job only for female but don't loss our hope and then you continue your work simultaneously.She is provide Strong content for our women.she is talking very passittive and boldly.This women provide the very good news to other people.She is speak intresting and good.This title very apt for this interview because This is good interview so This is going well,I think with David Cooper.I would rate with 4 Star out of 5 because amazing speech.This speech inspire to me.It sounded more like a long interest discussion.