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Episode 181: Tracy Nguyen, pt. 11

Thursday, November 5 2020

The host David Cooper first says about the show content and then he introduce the guest Tracy Nguyen and then they start the show, the host David cooper discuss the topic that generously every Thursday night they are a lovely coffee shop they got everything you need coffee beans got built the fish it's also great they are not open but they are selling their their interior is not open but they are selling to go drinks into gold leads in a secure and safe environment. The show was terrible she is a woman about town of hilarious comedian on the show is terrible she is my best friend she's my worst friend she is my only friend. That's all the content I have scripted for tonight Tracy no win thank you for wearing your tech hat and joining us I'm friends with a lot of loners I hope that doesn't put me on a list but like a with terrorist watch I'm not like a white person with a gun I mean I know that you're I'm a Jew your white and Jason yeah yeah she was or why did Jason were there for owners white say heard were both simultaneously not white and white at the same time you have relatives of motive for trump right I had I don't have any American religious. At wholly, i did not like the show because it does not have any content, they discuss about the unnecessary topic and my rating for this show is 3 only.