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Episode 182: Dan Linley & Sara DeForest, pt. 2

Thursday, November 12 2020

To tell the truth the show ends just as it begins, like shit, and to be honest I don't understand what they can call this garbage a radio show. From the beginning it is perceived that it is something improvised, that is, they sat in front of a microphone without knowing what to speak, looking at the clock every second waiting for it to end. Dan and Sara aren't funny, neither is David. When dealing with subjects such as incest, homosexual relations, boat handling, it is clear that they are improvising. The worst of it is that there are people who call the supposed radio show to add even more shit than the hosts have said. This is totally annoying, apparently the callers have nothing else to do and are content to spit out all the shit they have in their little brain. This goes well, I think, because of the fact that the level of the callers is equal to that of the hosts, who show no respect for the callers or themselves, interrupting whenever they can to talk stupid things. Idalia from Mexico rated this show as a trash and gave it only 1 star.