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Episode 186: A Very Lonely, Very Jewish, Very Country Christmas

Thursday, December 24 2020

Well, this episode is pathetic, apparently no guest wanted to agree to go to that radio show trash, anyway, what he ended up playing is also trash, what ugly music, God, God, God. The truth is not much to say. It is obvious that this program, if it can be called a program, has very little time left. David sucks, as do his guests. Maybe the Christmas season will make him reconsider and improve a little, because at the rate he is going I don't think it will last long to be honest. Around minute 35 David intervenes, saying that the last track of the night is 4 in one and he even gives a phone number to be called, hahaha, nobody has dared to call, which shows that the supposed listeners who call him they are always hired. That highlights the pathetic of this radio show. That is why Juan de Santo Domingo gives it a score of -100 stars.