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Episode 189: Guru (Career Debrief)

Thursday, January 14 2021

Really 189 th episode of coopers episode ?.oh my good God I cant believe my ears, this show is still on air .I don't understand how he gets guests for his show. By the way who is this Guru? And what do they discuss about for so long? about their jobs. they are talk about davids stupid job he quit. wow it is what we are here to listen. at least I am not interested. hmm David really has the unyoungest brother syndrome or may be lazy haha. guru explains about yoga and grandfather and David too. David never forgets to talk about sex in the show, well that always go well with David at least. guru is a guru in listening I guess. I think both likes Canada too. guru is afraid to tell any bad things about his organization even though David encourages ha ha. To be frank this long talks about job atmosphere is too boring for me ,and I think David has a little less energy in this particular topic may be. Oh so tony is David's only fan aha great. but it is sad to hear that his grandfather had rectal cancer and the caller is amazed to hear gurus name. Anyways please David, please come up with some better topics next time. And here is me Joana from Bahrain rating this show with 3 stars out of 8 ha ha. Better luck next time dude.