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Episode 19: Joseph Ugalde

Thursday, February 16 2017

Jingles galore! This week comedian Joseph Ugalde joins us with his electronic keyboard. The show starts in a confusing manner when a high and echoey stranger calls in. Things don't improve. Joseph tells us about his caffeinated triumph on stage at SF Sketchfest with Moshe Kasher and Natasha Leggero. Beta blockers and performance anxiety are discussed. David and Joseph talk about diarrhea. David practises his listening skills as Joseph speaks about his family and growing up with a single mother. The two discuss their favourite comedians. Joseph describes lucid dreaming. David's girlfriend calls in and her and Joseph help ease David's stress about doing a roast show. A man named Adam Pollock calls in and informs us about public defecation in San Francisco. That went well, I think. David discusses his recently wrecked motorcycle with the Suzuki SV650S owner. David tells us about his upcoming radio shows at Burning Man. The episode ends with the debut of a new theme song.